October 6, 2014

Let’s get cosy.

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  It's happening. A little too quickly for my liking.   Here comes the cold in all it's glory. As we close our windows and turn up our thermostats, let's get excited about the change of season. After all, it is an inspiring time of year.   Autumn leaves bring an ...

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August 9, 2014



Lighting is a practical and necessary part of home decor. It can add style and flair. But most importantly... it creates atmosphere.   Lighting comes into it's own at night time. Some fixtures are designed to be overlooked unless illuminated, and perhaps, when used for their practical ...

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July 28, 2014

It’s Personal


photo credit: hownowdesign via photopin cc   I had a long conversation a few weeks ago, while sipping my morning tea, that revolved around the idea of our home being a representation of our experiences. Decor isn't always there just because it looks pretty. Don't get me wrong, ...

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    I love the idea of making your own DIY furniture polish. Ideal if you are sprucing up for spring, or refreshing an old piece that needs some extra love.   You could use a variety of recipes successfully to do this, just as long as you remember the key ingredients. ...

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